30 September 2011


On September 29, 2011, 29 participants from 21 different companies gathered together at the Function Room 5 of The St. Francis Shangri-la Place Condominium in Mandaluyong City to take part in the seminar conducted by Mr. Michael Hwang, the Deputy General Manager of Bioland company from Korea. Also present was Mr. David Choi who is part of the International Sales team of Bioland. During the four hour seminar, Mr. Hwang thoroughly discussed the different products of Bioland from three main categories, namely: whitening, anti-wrinkle/ anti-aging and anti-inflammatory/ moisturizing.

Michael Hwang, Deputy General Manager of Bioland
 Mr. Hwang delivered a detailed presentation of each product providing information ranging from results of clinical trials that prove the efficacy of each product to their mechanism of action showing how each product can deliver its claims. The products discussed in the presentation were mainly for skin care and hair care applications. Though Mr. Hwang’s presentation covered products mainly in the Cosmetics category, the Bioland company also has products in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Tissue Engineering and Diagnostic Kit category.

The Bioland company from Korea which was established in September 1995 has 200 employees and over 400 different products in their portfolio. Having 40% of their employees doing R&D work, the Bioland company is dedicated to developing active ingredients from natural sources to deliver to their customers the specialties and benefits of nature. The trust and patronage the Bioland company has earned from multinational companies such as Lancome, Procter & Gamble, Clarins, Johnson &Johnson, Unilever, Nu Skin, Shiseido and Avon, to name a few is a testimony to the excellence that Bioland products bring to each finished product that incorporates them.  

Brands using Bioland products

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